There appear to be countless testimonies in print of God’s miraculous interventions, especially those related to near-death and after-death experiences. Many give a clue to the after-life and/or God’s immeasurable love and mercy. Some may provide a window into God’s view or reveal His character more clearly. If these accounts originate from God they are consistent with Biblical thought, have a purpose in building us spiritually and they ultimately bring glory to our God!

Why this book? Sometimes God gives answers to our prayers meant to be private and sometimes they are meant to be shared with all who will listen. His intervention is acknowledged by us and our spiritual self is strengthened. Showing our gratitude to God we often communicate our excitement of this answered prayer with others. Overwhelmed with joy that He cares for us, we share the testimony of His intervention for His glory that He would be recognized and magnified among men. A miracle is a miracle regardless of size, some say. God intervenes in such a way as to defy natural laws or in a way that reason and logic do not adequately explain. Another explanation may be that He intervenes in such a manner that is far beyond circumstantial evidence or coincidence. Perhaps this is what Einstein meant when He said “coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.”

Our gracious and merciful God meets us where we are at to prove His love for us. Some of us, however, seem unreachable. Our all-knowing and loving God finds the best way to reach us. My very own deep depression was bordering on despair. I was ready to throw my hands up and throw in the towel so to speak. At this low ebb, God knew the best way to keep me afloat with an undeniable intervention I could not explain away. He added still additional layers of interventions with statistically near impossible odds so that I was overwhelmed and could not forget, but rather would write it down to share with others as it was meant to be so. So then, that hope He provided me was meant for sharing with others that all would know the Truth: there is a Heaven, that our loved ones are waiting for our entry to celebrate our arrival and God is personally by our side until that day He calls us home.

How is this book different? I have always written research papers and validation reports in the Psychology fields. We are instructed to only stick with the facts. We report statistical findings at the 1 out of 100 level as “at the .01 level of significance” or at the out of 1000 level “as at the .001 level of significance”. I found it necessary to write the statistical odds of just 2 of these prayers answered by interventions as examples of God’s intervening. The cynic, the skeptic, the atheist and the naturalist cannot read this testimony with a sincere heart and explain it by natural coincidences alone. So, while God added layers of improbability to His manner of answering me so that even those of little faith could believe, He says in His Holy Word that “No man comes to the Father except the Spirit draw him (John 6:44).” A willingness to humble oneself before God and accept Him is, therefore, the key to finding God and peace.

This book is formatted differently. At the beginning of each chapter is a Scripture, a Song, a Quote, and a Humorous Anecdote relating to the theme of the chapter to help the reader reinforce a concept or lesson the author himself learned.

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